Inspirational Dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction Resized

Inspirational dissatisfaction was a phrase used by W. Clement Stone in his best selling book “The Success System that Never Fails.”

In a nutshell inspirational dissatisfaction is an internal dissatisfaction with how things are currently which motivates a person to change and improve things.

W. Clement Stone put forward the thought that every great achievement in the world had sprung from this. Like all sweeping statement it’s probably possible to pick fault with it and find some example of a great achievement that came about without this but that would be to belittle a very powerful concept.

In this article I would like to address sales people in particular and see how the above concept could make them better at what they do for a living.

I would think that most sales people would accept that a year from now their sales calls and meetings will be better and more effective at winning business than they are today.

If you agree with that fact then it has an interesting consequence which is this – it means that your calls and meetings today are not as good as they could be. In fact it means that you should be dissatisfied with how good they are and want to improve – which is inspirational dissatisfaction!

Assuming you want to get better as a sales person then inspirational dissatisfaction should have you analysing your calls and meetings, considering your techniques or scripts (whether written or in your head) and seeking ways to improve them.

Not doing that is like a sports person saying “I only want to be this good, I don’t want to improve.” No world class athlete ever said that!

When you are in sales you are busy. Either prospecting for new business or working hard to satisfy the client’s you already have. You don’t have a lot of time for fancy theories or pointless acronyms dreamed up by trainers. I have found that simple and quick is the way to go and for me “Inspirational Satisfaction” is a phrase that is easy to remember, widely applicable and very powerful to use. I hope you find it the same.

Until next time; be successful!


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