When Two Worlds Collide – four tips for when social media meets social

When Two Worlds Collide – social media meets social

So often it seems that social media exists in a world all of it’s own. Yet you can use it to directly influence the real world – you know that one where real 3 dimensional people live and have real conversations!

Read on to learn more …


A quite brilliant use of social media (in its widest definition) was done by a chap I know –  Thomas Skelton (uk.linkedin.com/in/thomasjskelton).

Prior to a trade conference he researched exhibitors and emailed a video clip introducing himself to the key individuals that he was interested in meeting.

Naturally when he then attended and went up to meet these people they knew he was and the video itself formed a great ice breaker and opener to his conversations.

New Meetings

One of the trickiest things about meeting a new person, particularly in a busy public place, is simply finding them! Make a point of having a good look at their LinkedIn profile prior to leaving, (or install the LinkedIn mobile app if you are a smart phone user).

Knowing what they (should) look like gives you the chance to be more confident with your initial approach – and lessen the number of complete strangers you introduce yourself to!


Naturally you should look read through the entire profile of the person who is due to interview you but in particular look for their hobbies and outside of work interests. 

If you are genuinely interested in similar activities then it’s a powerful thing to mention at the right time in your interview.


Look out for the official twitter feed for seminars that you are attending and follow it whilst there. By looking up, and commenting on, the tweets of fellow attendees you can often find like-minded individuals who you can then locate and talk to in person. 

This is a technique which indeed works at any large event, e.g. trade conferences where there is a twitter stream.

Check the marketing or welcome literature for the twitter details.


Social media is great but social is better and the ideal world is where both combine and create powerful results!

Until next time; be successful!

Stephen Hart


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