How Teamwork Can Help You Write a Business Blog

How Teamwork Can Help You Write a Business Blog

Last week I talked about three of the personal benefits of writing a business blog. This week I thought I’d share some advice on how to write a business blog and in particular advice on how to use teamwork to make it easier. 

Brainstorm for Content

With content there are two separate challenges – coming up with the ideas in the first place and secondly producing the idea once it has been thought of. Interestingly often the hardest part is the creation of the ideas.

With a business blog I’d recommend having a content planning session where representatives of the various stakeholders get together and thrash out a bunch of ideas for blogs. In a typical company these might be representatives from – marketing, sales, customer services, HR etc

Aim to generate more ideas than you need and then sort them into a likely publishing schedule and sequence.

Agree Article Guidelines

It helps if everyone agrees to broad article guidelines on points such as:

  • Article length – 300 – 800 words is generally recommended
  • Pictures – how many and where (always good to have some)
  • Format – consistency in look is important, along with rules on photo credits, author bio’s etc
  • Editing and Publication – what is the agreed process and who finally uploads and publishes the blogs?
  • Scheduling – which ties into editing and publication obviously – literally when will people do stuff by and what happens if they don’t?

Share the Writing

So you have the ideas for content and you have agreed the guidelines, now you need someone to write the next article. Ideally the person with the most knowledge about a topic should write about that topic however the other strong option is when someone is passionate about the topic. Enthusiasm makes for a good article – usually!

Writer and Editor

I absolutely recommend that you have a different person as writer and editor. It is very hard to fully edit your own work so have clear arrangements about who is going to edit whose articles.

Having your beautifully written blog edited by another person can be a humbling experience so best to assign editors and writers who get on quite well. If an editor strongly dislikes an author the edit will be a hatchet job and the whole thing will end in tears!

It has also been my experience that the longer an editor and writer work together the smoother the exercise becomes. The key thing to remember is that editing is not about criticism and judgement but rather about improvement.

Quote Other People

Even if you are writing the article you can still turn to others for content. One of the simplest ways, (which is also very popular with readers) is to start with a quote. This doesn’t have to be someone famous – I’d take a quality quote from an unknown person over a weaker quote from someone famous. 

Often the quote will give you a springboard into the article – a useful trick which can really help if you are suffering from writers block!

(For the record I sourced the quote at the beginning of this article after finishing the article and then made the wallpaper -simply because I felt it would be a nice addition to the article!)


Now whilst I have written this with business bloggers in mind the ideas can be altered to suit personal bloggers who are serious about producing quality work. Simply make the arrangements, probably slightly less formally, with friends and family. 

Until next time; be successful! 


BONUS  The headline picture is downloadable as a wallpaper image – simply click on it for the full size and then right click and Save As

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