How Many LinkedIn Connections Should I Have

How Many LinkedIn Connections Should I Have ?

I logged into my LinkedIn account this morning – profile here – and I happened to notice that I was up to 1499 connections.

Now as a number 1499 isn’t perhaps  your traditional milestone number. Add one more and when at 1500 and that’s more a time for commentary. But what struck me this morning was how I felt about my number of connections compared to when I was at 499 connections. Today I am entirely relaxed about who and when I will connect to next and back at 499 connections I really wanted another connection – just one more…from anyone!

And there are a couple of reasons for this. My desire to get over 500 connections was that once your connection numbers on LinkedIn get over 500 then on your profile the number appears as below

And frankly it looks good. It’s a coming of age point for your LinkedIn profile and also there is a degree of mystery. Once you gain more than 500 connections the number on your profile stays unchanged at 500+. This means that no one knows exactly how many connections you have from your public profile from that point on. You could be the most connected person on LinkedIn for all a viewer can see!

How people can still find your exact connection number is something I may mention in another post. Staying on the topic of numbers and how many to have, getting over 500 does make your profile look nice. Getting over any other number is mostly irrelevant.


A large network does have one obvious benefit…on LinkedIn when you are connected to people, you automatically become more closely connected to their other connections.

Let me explain:

Imagine there is you and four other people – Sharon, Martin, Bob and Sue – you are not connected to any of them – in fact you don’t even know about Martin, Bob and Sue but for some reason you know about Sharon and you decide to connect so:

You connect to Sharon (Sharon is already connected to Martin, Bob and Sue)

Now that you are connected to Sharon you have a direct line of communication with her because you can send her messages. She can also see your status updates…and critically…if she comments or likes your updates – her connections see that as part of her activity.

So imagine this

  1. You post a status update mentioning some exciting new business development
  2. Sharon sees it and comments saying “Great new product – hope it sells well”
  3. Her network sees that she has commented
  4. They might then have a look and possibly one of them will be interested and you make a sale!
So one of the key values in numbers on LinkedIn is not your initial connections but who they in turn know. And the numbers of people they know multiplies considerably as you can see in the screen shot from my connections below
1500 connections – as those careful readers will note the figure against my first tier connections says 1500 – literally since I started to type this someone else accepted an invitation!

So numbers can be a good thing on LinkedIn but I wouldn’t lose sleep over them.  It’s nice to get over 500 from an aesthetic point of view but always remember that you have to actively work with your connections, giving back to them and being a useful contact for them. That’s what leads to LinkedIn success.

Oh and yes if you’d like to invite me, then you’ll find my profile here and I will accept all invitations!

Until next time… get connected!

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