Make Big Mistakes


I train and coach a lot of people and I love it when they make mistakes. True learning is to be found in mistakes and I do beleive that there is no failure only feedback.

Unfortunately many people are raised in a culture of ‘being wrong equals being bad’. For example how often have you heard parents tell their children that ‘they are stupid’ when the child gets a sum wrong? When that happens the child is being personally criticized and labeled for making a technical error at an activity.

How much more constructive would it be if the child could have the error pointed out as just that, an error,  a mis-calculation which is not a reflection on them as a person but rather a flaw in a skill they are developing and a useful sign post as to how to develop their skills further.

Now because most people have grown up or grow up in the environment of “being wrong equals being bad” there is an inbuilt resistance to admitting mistakes or perceived failure because the person does not want to feel bad about themselves. It is a form of suppression.

That is why it is such a strong personal development point to embrace the notion that mistakes, like failure, are an event not a person.

In addition I would advocate that mistakes are an inherent part of the learning process for any activity. When I completed my NLP Practioner training I was told to go out and “make big mistakes” because from those I could learn how to get better. It was one of the best and most freeing pieces of advice I have ever received and I have endeavored to put it into action!

I now run a section in both my personal development courses and my sales courses on the benefits of mistakes and how to be brilliant by making big mistakes. It is liberating for the individual and benefits everyone.

So what ever you are doing in life make big mistakes and learn great lessons!

Until next time;


Stephen Hart

2 comments on “Make Big Mistakes

  1. nathan nagel says:

    I concur with Stevens life observations and advise about making massive mistakes and learning from them. For strategic personal development purposely chooose to do something you are weak at and purposly break out of your comfort zone. If during this activity you make huge mistakes and then activily reflect upon them you can draw out learning points. This then kicks starts our subconscious survival drive to hypercompensate and makes a prevoius weak point into a strength. The key is to celebrate any failures and mistakes as you have created an oppertunity for yourself to improve and learn.

  2. edenchanges says:

    Agreed Nathan, expanding your comfort zone is how you develop as a person. When doing it I’d tend to recommend having the safety net of a loyal friend, family member or coach to be there if needed. And make sure they know you are comfortably to fail and learn from that outcome.

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